“Lovely! Just what we need here.” Diane
“I love your store…it is my go-to place for unique gifts!” Sarah
“This store makes me happy.” Sandy
"Every trip I make to Caboodle reveals something new and beautiful.  Marlene is wonderful, and has great neighborhood spirit.  My visits are always memorable, not to mention the wonderful gifts I've found for friends, family, and me!  No doubt you will find something you love, too."  Janet
"This is one of those little finds that left me wondering why I hadn't stopped in before.  It sits right next to one of my favorite coffee shops.  If you are there make sure you stop in here.  The store is full of fun gifty items and specialty things made in Colorado.  The lady with whom I spoke when I was there was incredibly knowledgable of the inventory (probably the owner). She said there were only two items in the whole store that weren't made in Colorado and that no one has guessed correctly which they are! I love this shop.  I found some of the nicest smelling soaps I have found here too. Check it out, it's fun!" Roger
"This is my very favorite little gift boutique in town because every single thing in it was handcrafted by Colorado artisans.  Caboodle has a unique variety of gift items and things you just can't live without, such as jewelry, candles, soaps and lotions, seasonal items, bags and wallets, pottery, glass and metal knickknacks, tchotchkes and decorations, and even things like teas and dips and sauces.  The owner is so friendly and she is happy to show you around the store or help you pick out a gift.  She'll probably point out something you didn't even happen to notice yourself. I am addicted to the organic soy candles from Evergreen Candles that come in so many different scents.  I have several and change them all throughout the year depending on the season.  The soy candles burn longer than paraffin wax and they smell so real because they're made with pure oils.  They also liquefy as they burn, leaving less of a residue in the candle holder so it is easier to clean once your candle is finished. I'm so happy Caboodle is in my neighborhood.  And I love the thought of keeping my dollars right here in Colorado.  I hope you'll stop by and discover your next treasure in this locally owned store dedicated to locally sourced creations." Vicki
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